P.S. GhOSH & CO.

Corporate Financiers


Steve Kleege, Director, Veritas Total Solutions

“Simply put, this is the most creative group of professionals I’ve dealt with in over 20 years of Trading and Investment Banking.”

Charlie Sinha, CEO, MMC LLC

“When we were referred to P.S. Ghosh & Co. we thought we were in for the reselling of tired, used ideas which I’m pitched constantly by investment bankers and trust companies. However, the structure we executed was one of the most innovative I have seen and helped us to get rid of banks in our planning for commercial real estate development.”

Alex Graham, Managing Director, Morgan Stanley

“I was in the same training program at Salomon Brothers in 1989 as the Principal of P.S. Ghosh & Co. He was creative then dealing with hedge funds. He and his team are just as creative now. The difference is that they have a lot more tools in their tool chest after 25+ years of experience working with some of the largest financial institutions in the world. ”