P.S. GhOSH & CO.

Corporate Financiers

“Legacy Through Innovation”

The raison d’etre for Partho S. Ghosh & Co. (PSGC) can be summed up in one word: innovation. We are Corporate Financiers, with a specialization in Alternative Capital, for financial technology (“FinTech”) start-ups. The source of the capital we deploy is an elite group of global financial institutions with the highest credit ratings by S&P and Moodys.

How does innovation fit in ? We design our proprietary structures to monetize arbitrage value in the form of “optionality”;  the result is capital which has lower effective cost and greater flexibility vs. the alternatives.

We draw inspiration from a bygone era when civility, manners and honor meant something in banking. Accordingly, we believe that in a high-tech age of dis-intermediation, worship at the alter of the lowest cost leads to a “transactional” approach; during these times the enduring value of “relationships” is more meaningful than ever. We believe in relationships. As a boutique institution, we have the luxury of only doing business with clients who share our core values; therefore, the clients in our PSG Network are primarily sourced through referrals and personal relationships.